Thank You!

Thank you for your application to Javelin Air Services and our Javelin Flight Funds Program!

Looking ahead, the process involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Email Contact — in the coming days, you can expect one of our staff to contact you.
  2. If NOT Contacted — those candidates who, based on their submission, do not appear to meet our requirements may not be contacted or may be contacted only after a short delay.
  3. Initial Review — one of the Javelin staff in our training department will contact you to review your application, discuss your goals and describe our program to you in detail.
  4. Formal Interview — for those who meet our requirements, as determined in the Review Phase, an interview will be scheduled with one of the Javelin principals.
  5. Flight Funds Offer — for those who pass the interview, an offer will be made with the amount of Javelin Flight Funds to be made available through our program; this will be accomplished also through the presentation of the final contract agreement.
  6. Signing — upon acceptance into Javelin Air’s program, the final agreement between our company and you will be signed.
  7. Training — as defined in the contract agreement, your training to become a commercial pilot will begin.
  8. Graduation — once you have completed all of your training, you should graduate your flight school with commercial, multiengine and instrument ratings.
  9. Career — upon graduation, you will begin your career as a commercial pilot as part of the Javelin Contract Pilot Program.

We wish you the best in your application with Javelin Air.

Thank you.